Andra Verstraete
 Andra Verstraete
Welcome back to the Glendale Community College Alumni Newsletter. The Alumni Association has made some sweeping changes this year. We are reaching out to welcome our alumni back to the place where it all began – Glendale College.

We have reorganized the structure of our Alumni Association Board into an Alumni Council to better accommodate the cooperative spirit of our association. We feel that this less formal, more inclusive style better suits the needs of our members and our campus outreach.

We are also thrilled to welcome Dr. David Viar from the Los Rios Community College District as our new President/Superintendent and look forward to many years of working together to support the teaching and learning opportunities on our campus.

How special is Glendale? In April, the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office released performance profiles for each of the system's 112 campuses, with a new accountability feature known as the Student Success Scorecard, which facilitates comparisons between campuses. Glendale Community College topped statewide averages in all categories, notably “persistence.” 57.3 percent of our students completed a degree, certificate or transfer goals, according to the scorecard. In comparison, Pasadena City College recorded a completion rate of 55 percent, Santa Monica College had a completion rate of 51 percent, and Pierce College, the top-performing school in the nine-campus Los Angeles Community College District, logged a 52 percent completion rate.

Being an alumnus of Glendale College is not a requirement for membership in the Alumni Association Council – we welcome all members of the community. But members Jeannie Flint and Armina Gharpetian both attended GCC and choose to give back to the school where their journeys began; they have truly taken “Make a Connection.  Make a Difference.” to heart. Flint, herself a retired educator, describes the benefits of joining the Council. “It provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with current students and network with other alumni,” she says. A luncheon to welcome alumni back to campus is planned for October.

For those alumni who haven’t been back to your alma mater in a while, here’s some good news. You do not need to leave your home or office to tour Glendale Community College’s stunning campus. The software company Virtual Rabbit has created an online interactive tour that may be accessed day or night.  Click here for a virtual tour.

Joining the Alumni Association has never been easier or more rewarding. Click here and find out about the benefits of membership today!

Last updated: 6/12/2013 2:53:18 PM