Design a Course Check-In Assignment

The course Check-In Assignment is a mandatory requirement for all distance education courses that actively engages them in the course. Alerting students of the Check-In Assignment in the Welcome Letter is vital for your students to understand the technical requirements of the course.  If students do not complete the course check-in assignment within Orientation Day + TWO working days the course begins, then they will be dropped from the class.   

There is no standardized course Check-In Assignment for GCC distance education classes, which means that instructors have some flexibility in terms of the type of assignment they can develop for their courses. The check-in assignment must take place within the LMS and must be completed no later than the orientation day plus TWO working days after the orientation day.

A Course Check-In Assignment:
  • Satisfies the Add/Drop requirement that students attend the ‘first’ day of class.
  • Ensures that the students registered for the class are ‘attending’ class.
  • Provides documentable evidence of establishing regular effective contact with students from the beginning of the course.

Recommendations for Check-In Assignments:

SYLLABUS QUIZ:  A graded quiz on the contents of the online course syllabus (policies, projects, etc.).

SELF-ASSESSMENT:  General questions/survey about the course content so that the student can get an idea of what the course will be about and instructors can get an idea of how much their students may already know about the course topics.

ICEBREAKERS:  Community-building activities that help students feel more comfortable and connected in the classroom. These could be as simple as a self-introduction, an answer to an open-ended question posted in the discussion forum, etc

NEEDS ANALYSIS:  A questionnaire about students’ background, basic knowledge of course content and learning preferences. This can easily be created as an ungraded quiz in Moodle or as a series of questions that students send to you through the Moodle Inbox.

GOAL-SETTING:  Students can create and post a plan for their learning during the course of the semester.

CLICK HERE to Access a sample of a Check-In Assignment

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