The work of governance is communicated and facilitated through consistent committee procedures. Committees should adhere to the following format and timeline for the dissemination of information from their respective committees:

1. A "Call-for-Agenda-Items" is circulated by the committee chair to each committee member at least four working days prior to the date of the meeting. Chairs shall contact ASGCC representatives by emailing <>, placing an agenda in the ASGCC mailbox, and through obtaining their student representative’s personal email address.

2. The agenda and related background materials are distributed to committee members at least four working days prior to the scheduled meeting.

3. Minutes should include the following information:
a. minutes adopted or unadopted
b. meeting date, time, location
c. members present; absent; proxies and guests
d. verification of quorum (see #4 of the Communications & Operations section)
e. time meeting called to order
f. approval of minutes (indicate date of minutes being approved)
g. brief rationale of motions/actions
h. vote results (i.e. MSC = moved, seconded, carried or MSF = moved, seconded, failed or MST = moved, seconded, tabled) of motions/actions taken
i. motions - name of presenter and second; e.g.“MSC (Smith/Jones) the email policy …”
j. time of adjournment
k. next meeting date
l. name of minutes recorder and title or office

4. Quorum is the simple majority of voting members of the committee which is 50% + 1 of the total voting membership.
NOTE: a vacant voting member seat is not counted when determining quorum.

5. With regard to questions of order committees follow Robert's Rules of Order.

6. Email voting is strongly discouraged. Issues of an urgent nature arising between regularly scheduled meetings can be addressed by a special meeting. With the approval of 2/3 of the entire voting membership to call the vote, an email vote can be taken if a special meeting cannot occur.

7. Monthly reporting of motions and minutes.
The Governance Office sends out a schedule for reporting motions and minutes to committee chairs and minutes recorders. The schedule is also available online. The schedule ensures that all governance committee actions are included in a consent calendar for approval by the College Executive Committee. Governance subcommittees shall submit two documents, a motions report and minutes, to the respective standing committee as indicated on the list below.

College Executive*
Subcommittees Submit documents to the Governance Office
Campus Computer Coordinating
Enrollment Management
Equal Employment Opportunity
Governance Review
Released Time/Extra Pay
Staff Development
Web Oversight

Institutional Planning Coordination *
Subcommittees Submit documents to the Governance Office
Master Planning
Program Review

Academic Affairs*
Subcommittees Submit documents to the VP of Instruction Office
Academic Calendar
Baja Program
Basic Skills
Graduation Requirements 
Library & Information Competency
Scholars Program
Study Abroad

Student Affairs*
Subcommittees Submit documents to the VP of Student Services Office
International Students
Noncredit Student Success & Support Program
Service Learning
Student Fees & Tuition
Student Success & Support Program
Technology Mediated Services

Administrative Affairs*
Subcommittees Submit documents to the VP of Administrative Affairs Office
Campus Development 
Environmental Affairs
 * indicates a standing committee

8. General campus awareness of governance committees' activities will be achieved through the posting of minutes on the Governance webpage and through the distribution of the Governance Update through email. Questions on minutes from governance committees may be addressed by contacting the committee chair.

9. When a standing committee approves subcommittee minutes they are approving the minutes as a whole i.e. everything in the minutes. The standing committee may vote not to approve certain recommendations brought forth in subcommittee minutes; this motion shall be recorded in that standing committee’s minutes. For example: “Motion to approve the minutes from the (subcommittee) dated … except the motion on …”

10. When College Executive makes a major decision which will directly impact a specific individual(s) or department(s), the respective administrator for that area shall immediately inform those individuals who will be directly involved with or affected by the decision. Every effort should be made by the designated administrator to see that the information is dispersed to those affected prior to the distribution of the Governance Update.

11. Each constituency group will take care to inform their representatives of their responsibilities and to provide them opportunities to keep their constituencies informed.

12. Each constituent group is responsible for appointing committee members by the end of May to ensure a smooth transition of representation from spring to fall.





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