Upcoming EventsGlendale Community College has operated two vanpools since 2002 and we are looking for additional riders! Vanpool participants share the cost of gasoline to operate the vanpool, which may vary from time to time depending on the cost of gas and number of participants. Leasing and insurance cost are covered by the Glendale College District. Participation in a vanpool must be approved by your supervisor. Both vanpools run on a 9/80 schedule. Participants are allowed to leave 15 minutes early, if approved by their supervisor.

The Santa Clarita/Palmdale Vanpool

Current fees are $5 per day round trip from Santa Clarita and $10 per day round-trip from Palmdale.

To Glendale College:

  • Runs 5 days a week (except during 10/40 schedules during summer and intersessions).
  • Leaves from Palmdale train station.
  • Arrives at Santa Clarita (Golden Valley Park and Ride)
  • Arrives at GCC

For more information, contact Merrilee Ahaus at mahaus@glendale.edu, Ext. 5112 for the Santa Clarita/Palmdale Vanpool.


The Glendora/Covina/West Covina Vanpool

Current fees are $5 per day round trip.


To Glendale College:

  • Runs 5 days a week, except during 10/40 schedules during summer and intersessions. 
  • Leaves from Glendora (Grand Avenue off the 210 Freeway).
  • Arrives at GCC


From Glendale College:

  • Leaves GCC
  • Arrives at Glendora

For the Glendora, Covina and West Covina vanpool, Contact Dr. Rick Perez at rperez@glendale.edu, Ext. 5126.


Alternate Transportation Stipends

Maximum monthly reimbursement amounts for bus and Metrolink Stipends are one-half the monthly cost, up to a maximum of $100.00 for the months you work.

Bicycling and walking to work is $20.00 per month that you work.


Guaranteed Ride Home

Should an emergency arise, Guaranteed Ride Home provides a free ride home from work to those commuters who regularly vanpool, bike, walk, or take the transit. Please contact Merrilee Ahaus or Campus Police for more information and what qualifies for an emergency ride home.

Commuter Rewards

Employees who are participating in monthly reimbursement or vanpool qualify on commuter rewards.


Local Vanpool, Carpool and Traffic information

Los Angeles Traffic and Transit Information

Transportation News

Orange County Transportation News Blog

Ventura County’s On the Move Newsletter

Try biking or joining a vanpool. Take public transit one or more days each week. You’ll save money and the earth, and reduce wear-and-tear on your own set of wheels.

For more information please contact the Glendale College Police Department at Extension 5205 or at parking@glendale.edu.

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