English 101


3 Units

English 101 is a foundation course in critical reading and writing skills required of those students intending to transfer to a university Through their reading and discussion of selected prose works, students learn to identify problems, examine possible solutions, recognize unstated assumptions and values, appraise evidence, evaluate arguments, draw inferences, and test conclusions. Through their writing, students learn to analyze, synthesize, organize information logically, and propose original ideas. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisite: Placement is based on a composite of test scores and academic background or satisfactory completion of English 120 Or ESL 151. Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC (CAN ENGL 2)

English 102


3 Units

English 102 helps students to develop their critical thinking and writing skills beyond the level achieved in English 101. The course emphasizes the application of logical reasoning, analysis, and strategies of argumentation in critical thinking and writing, using literature (both fiction and non-fiction) and literary criticism as subject matter. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisite: English 101 . Transfer credit CSU, UC, USC (CAN ENGL 4)

English 104


3 Units

English 104 is designed to be a continuation of English 101. Consequently, the primary focus of the course is instruction in writing. In addition, students learn to read and think critically and to develop their analytical and argumentative writing skills. The course takes students beyond the level of English 101 by providing a more advanced understanding of the relationship of language to logic and by further promoting the ability to reason effectively and reach valid conclusions. Writing forms and strategies are taught within the contexts of contemporary ideas and cultural diversity as reflected in selected readings. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisite: English 101. Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC

English 120


3 Units

English 120 is designed for the student who wants to prepare for the writing required in college classes. The course emphasizes practice in the writing of thesis-based essays and the critical analysis of selected prose works dealing with important contemporary ideas. English 120 provides practice in the mechanics, style, and organization of paragraphs and essays. It satisfies the Associate degree writing requirement and is a prerequisite for English 101, a composition course required for all four year schools. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisite: English 191 (3 units) or placement based on a composite of test scores and academic background. Recommended preparation: English 192. (English 192 may be taken concurrently) Note: This course may not be taken for credit by students who have completed English 101 or Business-General 110 and allows 2 units of credit to those who have completed Business-General 101.
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