GCC Men’s Golf Mission:
To ensure all student athletes matriculate to a four year university.

GCC Men’s Golf Vision:
To provide an enhanced educational and life experience through golf.

GCC Men’s Golf Guiding Principle:
Define how we act and our actions will define how others see us.

  • Always act with the highest level of integrity on the course, in the classroom, and in life.
  • Focus on the shot by shot process which creates improvement and then results.
  • Help others; your family, your friends, your team, and you will be proud of the person you become.

We expect GCC Men’s Golfers to:

  • Commit to being the best Student Athletes they can be.
  • Help others to meet their goals which in turn will help each individual to accomplish their goals. 
  • Develop time management skills to meet the demands of being a student athlete.
  • Bring out the best in their teammates through encouragement, support, and camaraderie. 
  • Have the desire, belief, confidence and commitment to always improve.
  • Give your best effort at all times no matter what previously happened. This will encourage others to do the same.

Head Golf Coach:
Todd Tyni
Coach Tyni
Assistant Coaches: Wayne Tyni, Danny Samson

Directions to Glendale College

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