The general option in Theater Arts provides the opportunity for the student to gain a broad exposure to the discipline. The curriculum requires study in acting; technical and design crafts; history; literature and criticism of theater; and directing. Also, some programs within the major of Theatre may require an audition.

UC Los Angeles
Minimum GPA 3.0, complete IGETC

The Theater major provides undergraduates with a comprehensive education in theater, specialized training in one or more creative areas, and a humanistic, liberal arts education. Artistic training is combined with the study of theater history, literature, and aesthetics. The program's goal is to challenge and expand the way the theater artist thinks as well as performs---to produce
well-educated, creative thinkers as well as thoughtful artists.

Applicants to the theater program must choose an area of interest for admission purposes only: acting, design/production, directing (directing available only for odd numbered years) teaching artists program, musical theater, general theater studies or playwriting. All theater students, however, study these principal areas of theater practice.

Recommended courses prior to entrance: acting, design, play analysis and theater history. Additional admission requirements include a personal essay, an audition (required for applicants choosing acting or musical theater as their area of specialization). Applicants to the school must have a minimum 3.0 GPA at the
time of application and must complete their general education coursework prior to entrance.

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Cal Poly Pomona
Theater - General
Theater - Education & Community
Theater Technical & Design

ENGL 125
T ART 130 or 131 or 134 
ART 125

Theater Acting
ENGL 125
T ART 130 or 131 or 134 
ART 125
Acting option electives 6 units from below:
DANCE 120, 121, 115, 116, 110, 111

Theatre Dance
ENGL 125
T ART 130 or 131 or 134
DANCE 135 or 136
DANCE 120, 121, 115, 116, 110, 111
ART 125
Dance option electives 13 units from below:
DANCE 122 or 123 or 134

CSU Los Angeles
Theater Arts and Dance
English 104 University Requirement
DANCE 110, 115, 134
T ART 100, 133, 123, 103

Select one of the following option
Theatre Arts option
T ART 121

Dance option

Electives in dance
DANCE 111, 120 and 121, 125, 111 and
112, 121 and 122, 126, 134
T ART 121

CSU Northridge
T ART 107
T ART 121 or 131
T ART 123, 134
T ART 103,104

CSU Long Beach
Impacted major
Theatre Arts BA

Theatre Arts - Acting/Performance
Theatre Arts - Technical Theatre-Scenery, Costume/Lighting Design
T ART 109 and  110

San Diego State University
Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts- Youth Theatre

Theatre Arts - Performance
Theatre Arts - Design for Television & Film
Theatre Arts -Design & Technoeatrelogy for Theatre
No classes offered at GCC

Loyola Marymount
T. ART 107, 108
T. ART 105 or 130 or 131

.UC Davis
Dramatic Art-Theater Emphasis
T ART 107
T ART 121 or 122

Dramatic Art - Dance Emphasis
T ART 121 or 122

UC Irvine
T ART 103 and 104
T ART 123 (3 units) or
T ART 121 and 122 or
T ART 134

UC Santa Barbara
Theatre Acting Emphasis
T ART 100

UC Santa Cruz
Theatre Arts
T Art 103 or 104
DANCE 115 or 116

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
ART 150

 CSU Fullerton
B.A. Theatre Arts
T ART 121 and 131 or 123
T.ART 109 and 110
Acting, Directing
T ART 103, 104
Technical Theatre & Design
No classes offered at GCC

Directing Emphasis
Teaching Concentration - Single Subject
T ART 103, 104
T ART 121 and 131, 123
T ART 109 and 110 (Teaching option only)

Playwright Emphasis
T ART 121 and 131, 123

Design/Technical Production
T ART 121 and 131, 123
T ART 109 and  110

B.F.A. -
Theatre Acting
Musical Theatre

T ART 121 and 131 or 123
T ART 103*, 104*, 109 and  110
Additional courses required for Musical theatre
DANCE 111, 121
3 units in the Discipline of Musical Theatre:
DANCE 130 or MUSIC 160 or 161 or 162
*All applicants for the BFA degree must complete the
following, with a "B" or better grade in each course,
for entry into the degree program


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