You must be enrolled in a math course at GCC to receive Math tutoring. 

We do not provide tutoring for the GCC Math Assessment Test.

Since we cannot always accommodate same day appointments, please try to make your appointments several days in advance. All appointments are 30 minutes in length and are limited to 2 appointments per week on different days, unless arranged otherwise with staff members. However, if the tutor does not have any other appointments and there is no one else waiting for a math tutor, then the tutor may continue working with you for a limited period of time.

Before working with a math tutor, you should have tried to do your homework on your own. Tutors will discuss problems similar to the ones with which you are having trouble, but they cannot help you with all of your homework problems. For example, if your teacher has assigned odd numbered problems, a tutor will discuss even numbered problems, so that you learn how to apply those concepts to your homework.

Please do not ask tutors to explain entire chapters to you. It is your responsibility as a student to go to class and attend your teacher’s office hours. Math videotapes are available if you need to review a chapter.

Be aware that appointments are 30 minutes in length, so you should be prepared to ask specific questions, realizing that tutors will not be able to address all of the various concerns you might have.

§ Cancellation Policy

If students need to cancel an appointment, we ask that they give us the courtesy of calling 818/240-1000 ext. 5333 to let us know. This allows the time slot to be made available for another student. If we have to cancel your appointment because of tutor illness or emergency, we will do our best to reschedule an appointment with another tutor and to notify you of the change in advance.

§ Tutoring No-Show Policy 

If a student schedules but does not attend a tutoring appointment, he or she will receive a warning from the Learning Center staff, regardless of the justification, insofar as each no-show disrupts the operation of the Center. Another warning will be issued for the second no-show.

If a student schedules but does not attend a third tutoring appointment in the same term, he or she will not be allowed to schedule another appointment for a period of seven days from the date he or she is notified of the missed appointment.

If a student does not attend a fourth scheduled appointment in the same term, he or she will not be allowed to schedule any more appointments during the term in question and must wait until the subsequent term in order to schedule tutoring appointments, at which time the student has a fresh start and the same series of ramifications as outlined in this paragraph apply.

If a tutor does not honor a tutoring appointment, the Learning Center manager shall handle the violation in accordance with Learning Center policy. 


If you have any questions, please ask one of the Learning Center staff members.

Last updated: 9/23/2016 9:59:37 AM