Architecture 102 is the study of the design of the single family dwelling with emphasis on the ranch type structure. Discussion covers the latest construction innovations, framing techniques, scale detail drawing, and the drafting of working drawings. Study explores in greater detail the applicable building codes pertinent to residential construction, modular construction, solar planning, insulation requirements, orientation, and other facets of construction. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 4 hours.

Prerequisite: Architecture 101 or equivalent. It is recommended that students complete Arch 250 - Introduction to Revit Architecture prior to attempting this course.

Transfer credit: CSU


  1. This class is currently being offered in the Winter and Summer sessions only.
  2. Class content consists of introductory drafting and design projects, lecture, drawing demonstrations, and a final presentation. The main project is a design of a one story ranch style residence. Students will complete sketches, renderings, and working drawings of their project. Please click here for a sample class portfolio.
  3. The student may choose to complete the drawings using traditional drafting or computer software. 
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