Staff Review
Faye Cohill
Student Services Assistant II

Division/Department: Career Center CE, Continuing Education
Location: Garfield Campus MP 221
Phone: 5055

When students come into the Career Resource Center, I’m often the first person they see. Each day is different because the students and visitors all have different needs. Setting appointments, answering the telephone, returning calls and assisting students in their job search are just a few of the things I do. I love working in a multi-cultural environment and interacting with the students. The Center’s goal is to provide information, support and encouragement for students to succeed. Many services are available such as career assessment testing, academic counseling, employment advisement, computers/Internet access, telephone/fax machine usage, resume and interview assistance, and much more.

Students often tell me that the Career Resource Center is the best kept secret on campus. They express appreciation to everyone for the help received in our center, and tell me continually how much they enjoyed and how helpful their classes have been. Here is a statement from one of the students after attending classes, and finding a job using the center, “Thank you for providing me everything I needed to start my life in a new direction. This is a wonderful institution providing an invaluable service to the community.”