Staff Review
Elizabeth Fremgen
Associate Professor of Office Business Technology, Continuing Education

Division/Department: Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education
Location: Garfield Campus
Division: Staff
Phone: 5683

My duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: teach all levels of computer classes; provide leadership in the selection of departmental books, equipment, supplies, and instructional materials; provide leadership in long-range planning, program and curriculum development; coordinate in the development and implementation of non-traditional instructional programs and courses; maintain currency related to the learning process, effective leadership, and the use of technology in both the classroom and the office. I am an active participant of a shared governance environment and I also serve as the Budget Representative of the Academic Senate to the Budget Committee.

Students have often commented that their experience at Garfield was a gratifying one—hectic and overwhelming at times, but extremely interesting, with a comfortable routine and with the satisfaction of learning with others. Students enjoy their brief acquaintance with instructors and staff members that are so “capable, patient, and genuinely interested in them.” My students told me that I have “demonstrated not only a high level of teaching but a great deal of sensitivity in dealing with students of so many different backgrounds and education