Staff Review
Annette Amirian
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Business Technology

Division/Department: Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education
Location: Garfield Campus
As a Business Instructor at the Garfield Campus, my teaching assignment includes business math/calculators/accounting instruction, as well as the Quickbooks and Peachtree automated accounting software classes. I love to teach and I enjoy my students. We have fun in class. I have all levels of abilities in class and I try to accommodate everyone; I make the work challenging enough for those who need it and supportive for those who need more assistance. Please join us!

Students who take my classes are focused on learning accounting for their jobs, or are currently unemployed and need to learn specific elements of the bookkeeping process. Students come away from our class having a more thorough knowledge base and are tremendously appreciative. I am gratified to know that lives are improved from our shared experience in the classroom.