Division Chairs

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Staff Review
Jan Young
Division Chair Noncredit Business and Life Skills, Continuing Education

Division/Department: Developmental Skills Lab, Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, All Division Chairs, Continuing Education
Location: Garfield Campus MP 120
Phone: 3054

I am the Coordinator for the Developmental Skills Lab. We offer classes in Basic English, Basic Math as well as GED preparation and high school courses. The best part of my job is the students themselves. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing students accomplish their goals. Many of our students have had to overcome great obstacles to return to school.

They are motivated and determined to advance their education; they are hungry to learn and move forward with their lives. It doesn’t get better than that as an instructor.

Every month or two we have a graduation ceremony to honor our GED graduates or high school graduates. Not only do we see the pride on our graduates’ faces, but also the joy of their families and friends who come to celebrate the occasion.

Students have told me what a welcoming environment we have in the Lab. Our dedicated instructors and staff strive to meet the needs of all our students. The biggest challenge for our students is to walk in our front door. Once they have made the decision to come back to school, we are here to ensure they reach their goals. As one student told me, “The Skills Lab is better than a private school, and it’s free!”